An Interview with Rosanna Lonsdale – Handpicked by Kate

An Interview with Rosanna Lonsdale

Posted on 23 February 2017

We recently met the with very talented lamp designer Rosanna Lonsdale to talk new career paths, where she draws inspiration from and her top tips for starting out on your own. Read the interview below to find out more...
Before you set up your own company in 2016, what were you doing?

I worked in advertising as an account manager at the ad agency adam&eveDDB. 

What was the catalyst that made you leave your previous job and set up Rosanna Lonsdale? 
I loved the young energy that was in advertising but soon realised that I wasn’t passionate enough about the actual adverts. I wanted to do something more creative and had always dreamt of starting something up myself. My Grandmother used to make these beautiful lamps and I always remember how sought after they were – so I married the two ideas up and began modernising her designs.  

What are the best and worst parts of your job? 
I love the freedom that comes with setting up your own company but most of all how the work constantly changes. My day is split between designing and hand-making the lamps, and then managing the business side of things.  It’s like a constant juggling act that makes the day fly. It is very satisfying creating the products from scratch, and it’s wonderful how appreciative people can be knowing that all the lamps are handmade. The worst part was definitely not having an army of colleagues, where you can brainstorm ideas and share problems.  It can be lonely working for yourself.  I have now moved into a shared office space with start-ups which makes all the difference. 

Who inspires you? Who do you look up to?
I love following Juliet Travers who is a few years ahead of me.   She has created totally unique pieces for the home that are really colourful and up lifting.  She’s totally unafraid of putting imaginative designs back onto wallpaper and not taking the safe option. 

Where is your favourite spot in London for creativity?
I love flicking through high-end homeware magazines, picking colour schemes and little details that really sing. Chelsea Harbour has some amazing design ideas too and I love venturing in and looking at all their new fabrics.  

Lastly what top tip would you give someone embarking on a business of their own? 
The beginning is always the hard part, when you don’t know if you are nuts for taking this unconventional risky route.  I would say that doubt at the beginning is totally normal – don’t let it put you off.  Working away from home is vital. When possible I used to pick a fun café in a different area to change my environment and keep things fresh.


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