Meet Amy, Co-Founder of Hiro + Wolf

Posted on 25 May 2017

To celebrate the launch of the new 'For Dogs' collection we caught up with Amy, co-founder of Hiro + Wolf, to chat about what's on the horizon for Hiro + Wolf and how they would style the Queen's Corgis...



1. If you had to pick what is your favourite breed of dog? What type of doggie do you own now?

 I love all dogs but I’ve always had a soft spot for spitz and husky breeds. My shiba inu, Hiro is 7 years old now, I got him as a puppy and he was my first ever dog so of course I think he’s perfect! Bee grew up surrounded by dogs and cats in South Africa, her mother would always be coming home with strays she’d fallen for. Bee has two dogs, Wolf, a little black cocktail of terriers that she rescued also as a pup from a family about to take him to Battersea, and Zawadi, an Egyptian street hound that Bee rescued and brought back to the UK 3 years ago.


2. Your designs are inspired by trips to Kenya. When was your first trip and what made you fall in love with East Africa?

Our first trip to Kenya was in 2012. The colour, the print, the music, the heat everything about that place is intoxicating. It’s beautiful chaos is such a contrast from the UK and the artisans we work with are really talented and great to collaborate with.


3. What's on the horizon for Hiro+ Wolf? Any plans to move into other departments? We think dog beds would be an absolute hit! 

We’re currently working on the opening of our second shop in the buzzing seaside town of Margate so that’s keeping us very busy at the moment. We also have a lot of new products in the pipeline and beds are high up on that list along with a new collection of jumpers for Winter that are sure to get tails wagging.


4. Any tips on the coolest dog friendly restaurant in London?

Wolf is a fan of Fanny Nelson’s just around the corner from our shop on Columbia Road flower market. They’ve got a cosy, relaxed vibe and are great for an after work drink or dinner with good friends (two and four legged). Hiro loves pizza washed down with house-brand gin cocktails at The East London liquor company after a big run in Victoria Park.


5. Lastly, which of the collars would you give to the Queen for her Corgis? 

It would have to be Blue Geo and Pink Geo, we think they would look so regal in this patriotic coloured prints.



Treat your beloved pooch now and shop the Hiro + Wolf collection here.

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